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The Princess and the Pea - The Modern Day Version

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These revelations made the queen very angry, but the prince was intrigued. "So, when do you think you will be channelling a princess again?"

"A week from Tuesday," she said matter-of-factly, "midmorning until early evening. I am very punctual with my past lives."

"Then on that Tuesday afternoon, I will ask you to be my wife and castle-mate, and you can rule by my side as an equal partner in every way."

The woman considered a moment, then answered: "I would accept, if not for the fact that this morning, as I have said, I am a Viking warrior Liefdahl by name, son of Ulfdahl and I have a strong notion to lay siege to your castle just after breakfast." She calmly took a sip of coffee and grabbed another muffin.

"How rude!" said the queen with a slap on the table. "We give her lodging in a storm and breakfast the next morning, and she swaps personalities on us and calmly talks about laying siege to us, without so much as a 'by your leave'!"

"Mother, please," said the prince. "Now, how long are you generally a Viking warrior?"

"Oh, not longer than 45 minutes."

"And after that?" he asked.

"After that, I'm usually St. Giles, living in a hovel and renouncing all worldly possessions."

"And that would include . . . ?"

"That would include" the visitor smiled with a dawning awareness "renouncing any and all worldly kingdoms conquered by my other spiritual co-habitators."

So, as is often the case, timing was crucial to a happy ending to our story. The "princess" and the prince were married the second Tuesday following, in accordance with her metaphysical timetable, and they had a very happy honeymoon, especially during certain transformations. Every time she became Liefdahl, son of Ulfdahl, she would conquer the prince and his castle, and every time she became St. Giles, she would give it right back. Channelling past lives and historical personalities became de rigueur in court from that day forward, and the queen, the prince, and the channeler lived a very happy life together, never quite knowing who would turn up at breakfast.



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